Filled polyurethane medium density, outstanding dimensional stability and very good cell structure, easy
workable by milling machine, performing good shaving.
Application l   Master models
l   Tire models
l   Deep  drawing tools
l   Foundry patterns
l   Checking fixture and many more
Key Properties l   Good impact and abrasion resistance
l   High compressive and flexural strength
l   Easy machinability
l   Good edge definition
Physical Data   Index
Density g/cm3 (approx.)
Compressive Strength MPa (DIN EN ISO 604)
Flexural strength, (DIN EN ISO 178)
Linear Thermal Expansion Co-efficient
Abrasion resistance, Taber value
Shore D  (DIN 53505)
Heat distortion, ISO 75
0.75± 3%
Light brown
21-25 N/mm2
55-60 x10-6k-1
Storage Boards, finished tools and models should be stored flat in dry conditions. Temperature variations should be kept as moderate as possible.
Handling & Precaution Valpolymer products are generally quite harmless to handle provided that certain precautions normally taken when handling chemicals are observed.

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